Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dec. 2007 One Busy Month

I look forward to celebrating Christmas so much every year. More now that I have 2 sweet boys who are eagerly anticipating all the fun and treats that this month brings. I move into high gear to get all the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and mailing done so we can enjoy time with family and friends. Here's a glimpse at what we did...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dec. 2007 - Visiting the Dinosaur exhibit at the Heard Wildlife Museum

The Heard offered a McKinney residents enter for free day. The boys and I were all over that. It was also their holiday celebration with live music and crafts. The kids made these really cute snowmen ornaments out of branches cut from trees at the Heard.

The dino exhibit is really cool. The animals move and growl. This year there were more animals...friendly ones too...less gore in the displays...the highlight was a dino that sprayed water on you as you walked by.

Dec. 2007 - Saturday Chores

The boys were trying to help Ed rake the soon as they stopped jumping in them!

December 2007 - Visiting Santa

Waiting to see Santa

Santa and Andrew

Were you a good boy...

Free Santa Time - Andrew's pre-school had a visit from Santa this year. What fun!! We also heard that Santa was going to be at the new State Farm Insurance Agency in McKinney. Yes, really...SANTA! Sure enough he was there! No line in sight, no fee to pay. Just Santa, the boys, some free hot cocoa, and cookies. Not to mention all the free State Farm toys, pens, note pads, etc. Somehow, my pictures of this have disappeared...maybe there was some questioning of true authenticity.

November 2007 - Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving day the boys were squeaky clean and wearing their Sunday best. All ready for the dreaded attempt at taking a picture for our Christmas card. All in all, it went pretty well.

We spent the rest of the day with our friends the Lehman's. Every year they host an open house in the neighborhood. Since we are usually here for Thanksgiving and this year just us 4 we were happy to attend. They also invited us to stay for dinner and spend the day. Thanks Lehman's for a terrific time. We loved visiting with your family and Sky's mashed potatoes.

Friday we headed downtown for the annual tree lighting in McKinney. This year the town planted the it's very own tree (it's big, I can't remember how big though). The highlight of the evening was when it "snowed." Every year the town has snow appear from the rooftops. Not exactly real cold, wet flakes. More like sticky, soapy ones. But to a child, what's the difference?

Christmas decorating keeps getting earlier and earlier. And in Texas it seems extremely so. I saw lights go up on folks houses before Halloween. Now, I know you get a better price on having them hung and as long as you don't light them till after Thanksgiving, I guess it's okay;)

So, Thanksgiving weekend the boxes came down from the attic (with a few choice words from my hubby), the trees were wrapped outside, and our new artificial pre-lit 9 foot tree was decorated. Yes, I know what you're thinking...but, it's hard to find a fresh cut tree where we live without busting the bank. I have to admit our pre-lit tree sparkles sooo nicely. What was even nicer was the company I had decorating the the tree this year. Zach and Andrew are old enough to really help and they want too!! I don't know how many years it will last, but I'll enjoy it while it does. Another realization...artificial trees are so much easier for kids to help sticky sap, prickly needles, and limp branches to hinder the fun!

We also brought the boys to Disney's Nemo on Ice while it was in town. At the intermission we ditched our seats (which were really fine but in a very busy section - people up and down the whole performance) for 4 seats in the front row. We were behind 2 rows of people sitting on the the ice and then us. It was really cool to see the performers up close. Of course we risked the chance of getting busted and the walk of shame back to our real seats. Now, this doesn't seem to bother Ed and me (will we ever grow up?). But, one very honest, rule following 7 year old didn't share our enthusiasm. Zach just couldn't understand what we were doing. What if someone came to sit in their seats?? Would we go to jail?? I explained we would happily go back to our other seats, which we could see were empty, and watch the rest of the show. Ed and I decided no more seat swapping with the kids;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

November 2007 - Andrew turns 5!

Andrew celebrated his 5th birthday in style with all his buddies at a Tai Kwon Do party. I was psyched he wanted to have one at the studio where he trains. They throw awesome parties! The kids learned new moves, threw ninja discs, and had sword fights. The birthday day boy wore a special head band and t-shirt and even got to break a board with his foot! After cake and ice cream the kids were treated to face painting and a pinata. Andrew couldn't exactly make up his mind on a theme, so he had a Power Ranger cake and Transformer pinata.

Thanks Mrs. Vasquez for a terrific time. What a perfect 5 year old boy party! Thanks Ramsay for visiting us that weekend.